Engineering Services

In line with our solutions approach to measurement and control we are able to offer our services across a wide range of processes and industrial applications. Our services include:

  • Control system Instrumentation consultation
  • Calibration of our Instrumentation and Sensors
  • Configuration & Set-up for our Instrumentation
  • Repair and Maintenance of our Instrumentation and Sensors

Many of our control systems designs have been operating successfully for decades and our work continues to be specified with increasing frequency.

Sales and marketing

Our dedicated team of professional sales engineers are largely responsible for winning and maintaining our loyal customer base.

With a positive, constructive and helpful sales approach, we respond quickly and effectively to satisfy customer needs. Many of our customers have come to rely on us in the knowledge that we will always strive to provide the most economical and practical solution no matter how complex the problem.

Services and repairs

While our sales and manufacturing division provides the front line of our operations, our technical team plays an equally important role in ensuring the on-going operability and performance of our equipment.

Highly trained, experienced and motivated, their ability to repair and adapt equipment to extend its functionality is highly sought after in the industry.

Offering customers a quick, efficient and economical service, our capabilities include calibration and repair with certification to traceable standards using the most sophisticated test equipment available.

Customised solutions

A striking fact about much of our product offering is that, since many elements interface perfectly with each other, we are able to design complete custom systems to suit client requirements. This is especially true of the RKC range of controllers and indicators which can be used in combination with many other products from other suppliers. Thus, although we are known predominantly for our expertise in all aspects of temperature measurement and control, we are by virtue of our extensive and flexible product range, able to provide complete measurement and control solutions in a wide range of industrial processes including:

  • Sensors for automation and production
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Testing and calibration
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Analytical
  • Vibration
  • Pressure
  • Level
  • pH